Jack Hunt Gold and Silver

jack hunt gold

The company buys precious metals in bulk from regional pawnshops, jewelry stores and collectors. They also sell precious metals coins and bullion.

JHGS offers their customers honest pricing ensuring they get the best price on every transaction. They are a member of Industry Council for Tangible Assets, National Pawnbrokers Association and The American Numismatic Association.

Buying and Selling Gold and Silver

Jack Hunt Gold and Silver offers a number of precious metal products. These include gold bullion coins and silver bullion bars. They also have a large selection of rare coins.

The company has a dealer hub that provides real-time spot market prices for gold and silver. This feature allows users to tabulate prices in live time and make informed decisions. It also gives users the option to sell their metals through the site. This process is much easier than selling through a local coin shop or pawnshop.

The company has been buying and selling precious metals since 1968. It began as a numismatics shop before expanding to offer bullion and other products. It is a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets and the National Pawnbrokers Association. It is also an authorized purchaser for the United States Mint, which allows them to purchase gold coins at wholesale prices during tight markets. This allows the company to pass along savings to its customers.

Dealer Hub

The dealer hub at jack hunt gold is where customers can find information on real-time spot market prices for gold, silver, and platinum. It also allows people to buy bullion products from the company. Some of these new products are IRA eligible, meaning they can be placed into retirement portfolios through custodians.

The company was founded in 1968 and is based in Buffalo, New York. It specializes in precious metals and coins and is committed to honesty on every transaction. It also works with a number of local pawnshops and collectors to buy scrap precious metals. They also offer free shipping for all orders of 20+ ounces of gold coins.

Scrap Metals

Jack Hunt Coin Broker sells gold, silver and precious metals coins and bullion. They also buy scrap metals in bulk from regional pawnshops, collectors and jewelry stores. The company has been in business locally for over four decades.

The dealer hub section provides customers real-time spot market prices for all products. This helps them make the best decisions for their business. The website also offers free shipping for all gold bullion orders over 20 ounces.

The company is a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, National Pawnbrokers Association and the American Numismatic Association. Its president is Scott Hunt, who has a bachelor’s degree from Canisius College. He has been working at the company for two years. The company does not mention IRAs on its websites and does not offer precious metal vault storage. However, many of its new gold products are IRA eligible. The company accepts IRA transfers from approved custodians. This is a handy service for investors and dealers.


Jack Hunt sells coins, bullion, and scrap precious metal. They have been in business since 1968 and are one of the most prominent coin dealers in Buffalo, NY. They are known for their honesty and value.

The company also wholesales gold coins and bars from the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Sunshine Minting, and Republic Precious Metals. They also offer free shipping on all orders of 20+ ounces. Currently, the website does not mention IRAs or offer precious metal storage services. However, all of their products are IRA eligible if you choose to have them delivered to your approved custodian.

In 2011, the company launched a new division called Jack Hunt Gold and Silver – “your trusted experts.” OtherWisz Creative helped develop their brand image for this retail arm, including a logo paired with a series of single-word ideals that define the desired experience of customers purchasing through Jack Hunt Gold and Silver. This includes “honest pricing” and “quality customer service.” They also created a new line of marketing materials, such as product brochures and branded gift bags for trade shows.