Where is Golden State Mint Located?

where is golden state mint located

Located in Central Florida, Golden State Mint is one of the most respected private mints in the United States. They are known for their unique designs and exceptional customer service. They also have a number of affiliations including the International Precious Metals Institute and Token and Medal Society.

The GSM Saint-Gaudens Silver Round features both the obverse and reverse images from the $20 Double Eagle coin. This is a great option for those looking to diversify their IRA with precious metals.

Founded in 1974

Founded in 1974, the Golden State Mint is best known for their exclusive silver rounds with breath-taking designs. Many of these coins are based on classic American designs like the Morgan silver dollar, Buffalo nickel and $20 Double Eagle. They also offer silver bars ranging in size from 1oz to 1kg. Founded by Jim Pavlakos, the company is run today by his son, Andrew. They produce high-quality copper, silver and gold products using modern methods to ensure maximum purity and minimal waste.

In addition to precious metal bullion, the company offers a variety of accessories and supplies for coin collectors. Its website also includes a useful IRA certifications page with a link to its preferred IRA custodian, Equity Institutional.

The Golden State Mint is an all-around reputable and trustworthy private mint that offers premium precious metal bullion at competitive prices. Customers often praise its dedication to environmentally friendly production methods and meticulous attention to detail. They also like its convenient and secure payment gateway, free shipping on orders over $99, and frequent sales.

Offers a variety of gold and silver products

The Golden State Mint offers a variety of products including silver bullion rounds, coins, and bars. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are members of the American Numismatic Association. They also offer free shipping for orders over $99 and a secure payment gateway. Their customers rate them highly for their vast selection of products and excellent customer service.

They also produce unique designs that are not available elsewhere. For example, the GSM Saint-Gaudens Silver Round features the obverse and reverse designs of the $20 double eagle coin. The only other GSM silver round with this design is the Incuse Indian Silver Round, which features a Native American chieftain’s profile.

Many investors choose to diversify their portfolio with precious metals. This is a great way to protect your investment against economic risk and preserve your wealth for the future. Golden State Mint is a certified dealer of Precious Metals IRAs and can help you set up your account quickly and easily.

Offers a variety of accessories

The golden state mint offers a wide range of silver and gold products. The company has been in business for over forty years and is a respected company that takes pride in its artistry. Its products are a great investment and are available in a variety of sizes, including 1 oz.

Among the most popular items sold by this private mint are its Silver rounds. These coins feature Saint-Gaudens’ obverse and reverse designs, making them popular with collectors. They are a great way to diversify your portfolio and add value to your investment.

You can also purchase silver bullion bars from the GSM. These bars contain a full troy ounce of silver and are ISO 9001 certified. They are IRA-approved and make an excellent addition to your investment portfolio. You can also find a number of accessories, such as gift bags and airtight coin capsules, to protect your precious metals. These products are sold at competitive prices and fast shipping.

Offers a variety of tools

Founded in 1974 by Jim Pavlakos, golden state mint is a full service mint, from creating planchets to coining dies and final minted products. They offer a variety of silver rounds, including those featuring historic US coin designs and modern themes like the Chinese zodiac, cryptocurrency, the 2nd Amendment, and anti-establishment sentiments. The company also offers a number of gold and silver bullion bars.

Their IRA-eligible 1 oz silver bar is an excellent investment option for those looking to diversify their portfolio with precious metals. Each bar contains one troy ounce of 999 fine silver and is ISO 9001 certified.

The company also sells a wide selection of accessories, from coin tubes to velvet gift bags. These make great gifts for the coin collector in your life, and many of them are available with free shipping. In addition, they offer a price tracker so you can keep up with the market prices for your favorite metals.